EFS 4wd suspension

Check out this really neat BT50 above. It arrived to us already with some cool gear installed, including and Ironman Deluxe Commercial bullbar with matching side steps and rails, and Ironman Monster winch, custom alloy tray, snorkel, underbody protection and more.

EFS 4wd suspension

Check out this really neat BT50 above. It arrived to us already with some cool gear installed, including and Ironman Deluxe Commercial bullbar with matching side steps and rails, and Ironman Monster winch, custom alloy tray, snorkelunderbody protection and more.

EFs preassembled struts

With all the extra weight from the load-bearing accessories fitted, this Mazda was desperate for a comprehensive suspension upgrade. In this case, we supplied and installed an EFS 4WD suspension kit, plus Airbag Man Ride-Rite bellows airbags additionally.  In the picture above, Ian shows off a new EFS Elite strut and coil fast-fit assembly. Yep, when you buy from 4WD1, we can supply EFS struts and front coils, together with new strut top mounts, pre-assembled by us to make one-piece assembly, ready to bolt on. Check them out here  Buying pre-assembled by us ensures proper installation, and means you don't pay extra to have a workshop use their specialized wall mounted strut compressor machine (do not use regular coil spring clamps). Plus, if your vehicle is older, it ensures that you are not mounting the struts to a 'tired' top mount which may well have 'tired' internal bushings.

efs lift kit

(above) For a smidgen extra front-end height, EFS also manufacture these terrific 6mm thickness strut shim spacers. They simply slip over the strut top mounting bolts. Once the strut + shim is applied to the vehicle, the lift effect is around 12mm as an increase in wheel arch measurement. These shim spacers are a multi-fit design suitable for Hilux, Colorado, Triton and a range of other vehicles, so check them out!

efs front suspension lift

(above) They front assemblies are in and looking good. The coil spring rating is this case is a 85-120kg type.

efs leaf springs

(above) These EFS leaf springs are a constant 300kg type. Combined with the Airbag Man airbags we have a best-of-all-worlds approach to ensuring a great ride and excellent load bearing support as (in this case) the tray and towbar loads on this vehicle are variable. 


(above) We've just installed the transmission spacer kit (centre bearing spacers) to deal with potential driveline vibration with the increase in lift height.


(above) Ian prepares the Airbag Man bellows for installation.


(above) Bennett showing off the beefy EFS XTR series rear shock, These are a 40mm bore product compared to the traditionally popular 35mm bore type shocks.

(above) Rear end suspension complete and looking good.


(above) The BT50 now has a great stance and plenty of extra clearance now for offroad adventures as well.


(above) To the left we installed both airbag inflation valves into a stainless steel bracket at the front of the tray. The customer had an air compressor in a toolbox just above so this was a convenient place to locate them and also a spot where they could not be impacted by the drop-sides on the tray.


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